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Here’s a little Coolio parody to kick off your weekend:

We were destined for the slaughterhouse
and life looked grim

‘Til the farmer saw a piglet’s eyes and
had mercy on him

Now he believes that animals are
friends, not food

And we’re hangin’ with our homies like
all animals should

Now we’re spendin’ most our lives livin’
in this piggy’s paradise

What has “contributed to more American deaths than all the wars of this century, all natural disasters, and all automobile
accidents combined?” It’s not the IRS …

Know any pescatarians? Have we got the video for you

A new study found that 2-day-old chicks had skills that it took human babies months to develop, such as, for
example, the ability to retain recognition of partly hidden shapes.

Ian’s Shutter Habit|cc by 2.0

Sure, you know you saved a life when you
rescued your animal, but did you know he or she might have already returned the favor


A canine military veteran needs your
help. The soldier he worked side-by-side with in Iraq wants to adopt the now decertified
dog. Urge Air Force
Secretary Donley to let it happen

Two congressional committees are
considering opening federal public lands to hunting—including bowhunting. Urge the committee members to
oppose this cruel measure

Australian government is gunning down feral camels from helicopters because it
claims there are too many of them. Ask the government to choose humane population control methods

instead of terrifying and inaccurate aerial shooting that often only maims the
animals, leaving them to suffer and die slowly.

nursery in Pittsburgh is keeping three deer confined to a tiny, windowless shed
year-round when it isn’t exhibiting them during the holidays. Tell Meder’s Nursery either to provide the animals with a suitable habitat or to retire them to a

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