her namesake, 4-month-old pup Snow White was in dire need of rescue when Animal Rahat, the animal-relief organization that PETA helps
fund in India, got the call. The frightened puppy had tried to negotiate a busy
road, only to be struck by a speeding bicycle. Running blindly, she was hit
again by another bicycle, leaving her bruised and bloodied, with a gaping wound
on her leg.

Animal Rahat team rushed to the scene, scooped up the frail puppy, and  took her back to the sanctuary, where the
veterinarian and other staff members cleaned her wounds, treated her for fleas,
and fed her what was probably her first square meal in her entire short life. Her
stomach full, Snow White curled up and conked out, fast asleep.

energetic puppy is now a cheerful addition to the sanctuary and has made
friends with all the former
working animals who are retired there

Snow White is still waiting for her Prince Charming—a sponsor to help Animal
Rahat with her care. Can you help give her a fairytale ending? Make a generous commitment to Snow White and other animals rescued by Animal Rahat to help working animals of India.

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Article source: PETA Files

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