cosmetics company Urban
has earned PETA’s Courage in Commerce Award for
putting animals ahead of market share and reversing its decision to sell in China, where animals are
harmed and killed in product tests. The company’s decision followed talks with
PETA and thousands of e-mails from disappointed consumers. While many companies
have shed their cruelty-free policies as easily as last year’s fashion for a
share of the profits from China, Urban Decay officials have decided that the
cost was too high. They’re corporate champs in our book, and the company is
going back on PETA’s
cruelty-free list

picto:graphic|cc by 2.0

is afoot in China, too. PETA is financially supporting scientists from the Institute for In Vitro Sciences, who are working with the Chinese government
to replace cruel and
archaic animal tests
with superior non-animal methods, and already, we are seeing huge progress. Until the day when
product tests on animals are a thing of the past, we hope other companies eyeing
the Chinese and other markets where cruel tests are required will follow Urban
Decay’s example and put ethics first.

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Article source: PETA Action Alerts

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