you ever gotten that “caged animal” feeling? Now everyone who uses the
elevator at PETA’s Norfolk, Virginia, and Los Angeles offices will have it,
thanks to our new elevator experience that gives visitors the feeling of being chickens inside a battery cage
on an egg factory farm

by photos of cage bars and suffering chickens, the rider can read the writing
on the wall: “Imagine being trapped in this elevator for life with no room
to turn around. That’s how a caged hen feels. Please, for chickens’ sake, join
us by going vegan.”

hope is that as the elevator begins to move, visitors will be moved to think
about the fact that each hen on an egg farm is shoved into a cage with five to
11 other hens and not enough room even to spread her wings. Part of her beak,
filled with nerve endings, will be cut off with a searing-hot blade. When her
egg production wanes, she’ll be violently killed

after their elevator ride, visitors who still eat eggs will choose to take the
steps … the steps leading to a more compassionate lifestyle

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Article source: PETA Files

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