better way to spend your birthday than being with the people you love, eating
great food, and doing something good for animals! That’s exactly how Carey Hart celebrated—with wife Pink and a vegan meal at San
Francisco eatery Prospect

is a great place to be vegan, too, as Tobey Maguire confirmed while
munching on nondairy sweets at vegan ice cream shop FoMu. 

Colbie Caillat is getting bubbly over
cruelty-free skincare. The singer is the new face of Lily.B, an all-natural product

beauty Pamela Anderson networked for animals on
Twitter this week (as she does every week) asking her followers to help end the
cruelty of the Calgary

Bucking ropes are used to enrage animals in rodeos. The rope is tightly cinched around the animals’ abdomens, which causes them to buck vigorously to try to rid themselves of the torment.
Ashley Bayles|cc by 2.0

A host of other celebs
joined Pam in staying atwitter for animals:

is rumored to be considering
joining American Idol and bringing the show a much-needed breath of fur-free air. Years ago, when one
of Mariah’s fans, who clearly had more money than taste, sent her a pair of fur
coats, she promptly donated
the offending skins
to PETA.

Fur is running out of places to hide, as
Russell Simmons banned it from his news and lifestyle website, GlobalGrind

keep up with what all your favorite stars are doing for animals, follow @PETA on Twitter.

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Article source: PETA Files

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