you noticed that some dogs are hopping like kangaroos lately? That could be
because the sidewalk pavement on a hot day can heat up to between 130 and 180
degrees—hot enough to seriously
bare feet. Earlier this month, a toddler required surgery after burning her feet on a hot deck. Two years ago, a 78-year-old man sustained second-degree burns after walking barefoot across the street on a hot day.

that warning about testing for flames during a fire by putting your palm on a
door before opening it? Well, here’s a new test for anyone with a dog who
is living somewhere that’s experiencing a heat wave: Put your palm on
the floor before deciding to walk your dog. If the pavement is too hot
for your hand, it’s too hot for Fido’s feet, unless he’s kitted out with protective footwear.

Mulder and Dana are all smiles walking in their protective “paw-wear.”  

can protect your dog from burns by walking in the early morning or late evening
on hot days and choosing shady, grassy routes. And, please, join me in trying to
protect other dogs by warning people you see out walking with their dogs during
the hottest part of the day about this danger.

Shoes tied, ready to go!

more ways to be kind to your canine companion, check
out my book Let’s
Have a Dog Party!

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Article source: PETA Files

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