“Shanthi” means “peace, rest, calmness,
tranquility, or bliss.” So it’s appropriate that Shanthi and her friends (pictured
below) enjoy such a blissful life at a sanctuary in India—but that wasn’t
always the case.

Once, these little donkeys worked all day long in the
blistering heat, carrying heavy loads of bricks from the fiery kilns starting
at dawn. At night, they were left to root through garbage and dirt in the hope
of finding enough nourishment to survive. Animal Rahat, which PETA supports,
rescued Shanthi and all the other survivors of accidents involving trucks and
cars and arranged for their retirement. Now, they live, jump, run, and play
with their rescued friends from the streets—and they’ll never be beaten again.

PETA works to save the lives of animals around the world. To
help animals such as
Shanthi and his pals, please make a generous donation to Animal Rahat.

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Article source: PETA Files

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