Imagine you’re cruising down the Pacific Coast Highway, ragtop
down, enjoying the Golden State sunshine. You flip on the radio and hear,
“This next dedication goes out to Ringling: ‘Shut Down’ by the Beach

This little mental vacation was prompted by news that a
coalition of California humane societies has joined PETA in calling for a boycott of the cruel Ringling
Bros. circus
. As the coalition’s announcement explains:

California Humane Societies agree: The
use of animals as circus performers is an outdated—and inhumane—concept. Behind
the scenes trainers often use whips, bullhooks, electric prods and other painful tools and methods to force animals to perform
tricks. When not performing, animals are kept in small, cramped cages for days
at a time with little monitoring.

PETA has worked with the Marin Humane Society, one of the worthy
organizations behind this coalition effort, to train humane officers in inspecting
elephants used by circuses—and clearly, what they’ve seen has made an

What You Can Do

Please show this to your
local humane society or SPCA director and encourage him or her to join the
growing ranks of animal protection groups that urge people to boycott Ringling.
Please make sure that groups in your area have the facts, and ask them to get on board.

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Article source: PETA Files

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