“I just think about these animals
that are there for months …. And the way they kill them—it’s just not needed,
it’s not a necessity,” said actor Mayte Garcia, speaking out against
fur farms on the set of the new ad she shot for PETA. “Doing this shoot
and getting into the cage and putting on the fur coat—it was overwhelming,”
she added. But while being caged and drenched in blood isn’t anyone’s idea of a
good time, Mayte is hopeful that her graphic ad will make people think twice
about buying the skins of animals who, as the ad makes clear, were “electrocuted, stomped on, beaten,
and skinned alive

Photo: Kawai Matthews/AirPhilosphy.com Hair/makeup: Molly Greenwald/www.mollygreenwald.com

“[I]f I can educate one person to
how these animals are treated, then I’ll do it again,” Mayte said on her
reality show, VH1’s Hollywood Exes, which filmed her PETA
shoot. (Mayte is the famous “Hollywood ex” of Prince.) In this
behind-the-scenes video, Mayte revealed the childhood experiences that made her
want to speak up for animals and why she believes that everyone should adopt homeless animals instead
of buying from breeders and pet stores, spay and neuter their animals, go vegetarian, and, of course, refuse to wear real fur

Follow Mayte’s lead in standing up to
the fur industry by joining the thousands of people who have already signed our
Pledge to Be Fur-Free, and always speak out
about the cruelty of fur.

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Article source: PETA Files

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