The release
of a video
showing Kasatka, a wild-caught orca enslaved at SeaWorld, exploding in extreme
frustration at trainer Ken Peters in front of visitors to the theme park is
sending shockwaves of outrage and dismay through the media and the public over
the appalling pressures of captivity on orcas and other wild marine mammals—and
the danger to those who come into contact with them.


As David Kirby describes in his book Death at SeaWorld, when Kasatka heard her calf’s distress calls for her from another tank, she
dragged Peters underwater repeatedly, shaking him about before the stunned
audience. Eventually gaining his freedom, Peters required surgery for his
injuries. But SeaWorld ignored the risks, permitting the perilous situations to

This video footage was previously shown during the Secretary of Labor v. SeaWorld of Florida LLC trial, which resulted from the horrific death of SeaWorld trainer Dawn Brancheau during a disturbingly similar episode involving another captive orca, Tilikum.
Judge Ken Welsch, who called the video “chilling,” held SeaWorld liable for permitting hazardous interactions between humans and the huge, dangerously
stressed animals.

What You Can Do

Please join PETA in asking The Blackstone Group—the company that owns SeaWorld—to release its animal captives into sanctuaries. And
if you know people who are planning a trip to SeaWorld, encourage them to visit
PETA’s new website,, to learn what kinds of cruelty their dollars would support.

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Article source: PETA Files

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