Iowa Sen. Chuck Grassley is apparently anxious to show his
campaign contributors that he will fight to the death (literally, perhaps) over
Americans’ right to be sick and fat. Sen. Grassley has attacked the
conservative Meatless Monday program, which the U.S. Department of
Agriculture (USDA) was promoting as a way to encourage its staffers to eat
healthier and protect the environment. But the USDA has withdrawn the
initiative, opting instead to prove that it is the servant of agribusiness and let
its employees pay the price. PETA has hit back with a “Meat-Free Mondays Through
Sundays” campaign.

The USDA inadvertently set off a firestorm of controversy earlier this
week when it promoted the Paul
–endorsed Meatless
Monday program on its website. But the move was publicly blasted by the
National Cattlemen’s Beef Association, after which the department yanked the
promo, mumbling something about not receiving the proper “clearance,”
as if encouraging good health and environmental protection were a covert spy mission or something.

Apparently not content with
that backpedal, Sen. Grassley, a
legislator from a beef-belt state, vowed to “eat more meat on Monday” in an attempt
to singlehandedly (forkedly?) make up for the meat that conscientious USDA
workers might be planning to forgo on the first day of the workweek.

We’re taking bets (place yours in the comments section
below) on how long it will take
Sen. Grassley to succumb to heart disease, diabetes, cancer, or some other meat-related disease.

“From his reaction, it seems like a pretty safe bet that
he’s already got high blood pressure,” says PETA President Ingrid E. Newkirk.
“Were he a physician instead of a politician who truly puts his rancher money
where his mouth is, he’d be guilty of malpractice.”

Make Every Day Meatless

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Article source: PETA Files

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