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Here’s one of the most fun things that you’ll
see all weekend: Morrissey’s
version of a cat in the hat

The abuse that snake charmers inflict on snakes to make them “dance” is anything but charming, so PETA India offered
a simple solution: Use fake snakes.

This is perhaps the most consequential quote of the animal rights
. It never gets old.

Here’s just a small excerpt from the
eye-opening article “How
I Failed as a Rescuer: Lessons From a Sanctuary
,” which is a must-read for those you know who may not understand the problems with “no-kill” shelters: “Here’s
what I know now, having worked at a shelter and in rescue: All animals deserve
love at the end of their lives. Sometimes the most loving thing
we can do is to provide a peaceful death. And a peaceful death comes from a
human taking full responsibility for the life of that animal. I wish I had done

Airlines’ crimes against animals
continue: A disabled veteran says airline workers abused his service dog

New Feature

George Brett‘s new PETA spot is so cool—and he wants dogs to be cool, too.

Action Alerts

99 Cents Only stores
that only stores without sense still sell glue traps.

And while you’re
at it, let Menards know about the suffering that glue traps cause
small animals, too.

How can a property management group require tenants
to mutilate their cats? By calling it “declawing.” Urge Bruce Tanski Construction
to stop requiring this cruel amputation.

trainees at the Madigan Army Medical Center plan to spend their careers intubating
ferrets, the center needs to prepare students to treat real children. Tell the center to replace
animals with lifelike human simulators

Thank you for speaking up for Diego, an aging
military dog, and Logan Black, the soldier who wants to bring him home. The Air Force has now told PETA that Diego is ready to retire and that Black is
at the top of the list to adopt him!

and Heard

Have you seen
PETA’s new plan to put abusers at SeaWorld in a “SeaWorld of Hurt“?

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