part of the cast of The Real L Word, Whitney Mixter and Sara Bettencourt are all about being out and proud. And the couple says that it’s everyone’s responsibility to be out and
proud advocates for animals.

Showtime offers T-shirts that proclaim the wearer’s crush on Whitney, she
thinks wearing an animal rights T-shirt is one great way to proclaim that
animals have rights. Whitney dishes on that and other easy ways to never to be silent in her exclusive interview with PETA:

the guardians of three rescued dogs, both ladies keep the real “A” word—adoption—close to their hearts.

“There’s no reason to go through a
breeder,” Sara says in her PETA interview. “It seems ridiculous to me, and all
these animals that are in shelters need homes, need families, and that needs to
be something that everybody is aware of.”

agrees: “Visiting
shelters, it hits home: This is very real, animals are being brought in all the
time. And you know, you can do something about it.”

more great ways to be an out and proud animal advocate and “do something
about it,” visit

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Article source: PETA Files

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