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call the female dolphins
of Shark Bay
, Australia, “fashion-obsessed.”
They just prefer to bond with gals who dress like they do. Dolphins who choose
to wear sponges on their noses to root in the sand for fish generally hang out
with other “spongers,” while dolphins who prefer the sponge-free look
bond with each other. 

Lake Shore Boulevard in Toronto, traffic moves slowly enough that people can
see—and videotape—trucks filled
with pigs on their way to slaughter
. The horrifying videos
have gone viral—now will viewers go vegan?

if you needed one more reason to love Stella McCartney, the cruelty-free
fashion phenom is now offering
a scholarship
to inspire young
designers to follow in her well-heeled, animal-friendly footsteps.

A thoughtful and enterprising passerby helped three precocious bear cubs get
out of a Dumpster.

Who said it? “Imagine how
different the world would be if, in fact, it were ‘reading, writing,
arithmetic, empathy.'”


despise the cruel slaughter of chickens, cows, and pigs with the fire of a
thousand suns. So what to do about it? Try these suggestions.

saw her naked anti-fur ad—now you can have a piece of designer Cornelia Guest all to yourself. Enter to win one of the elegant
vegan bags
that she’s giving away
only to PETA supporters.

New Action Alerts

Paul McCartney stopped Olympic
rehearsals to do it. Would you take a moment to ask the forest minister of Maharashtra, India, to send an abused young
elephant to a sanctuary?

Tell officials at Lagoon amusement park that keeping wild animals in filthy
enclosures is not amusing, and ask them to retire the animals to sanctuaries
and let parkgoers enjoy more rides and games instead.

Officials in Ottawa are considering
using cruel steel-jaw and snare traps to kill beavers. Ask them to use any of the many
proven humane beaver-control methods that are readily available instead.

that circuses give
animals a raw deal, and let the company know that you won’t be using its
services until it stops promoting the three rings of misery.

Sugar gliders, tiny nocturnal
marsupials, prefer to live in groups of about 30 and spend their time climbing
trees and exploring the forest. But a company called “Pocket Pets” is
setting up mall kiosks and selling the animals one by one to anyone who wants
an impulse “pet.” Urge
Bayer Properties
to prohibit the sale of
sugar gliders at its malls.

California’s recent foie gras ban was a
huge victory for animals, but a bill before Congress aims to gut it. Farm Bill
Amendment 45 would force states to allow cruelly produced meat and dairy
products across their borders, even if a state has already banned the product. Urge your representatives to oppose Amendment 45
and let states retain their right to protect animals.

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