isn’t a chick alive who doesn’t love Ryan Gosling, from the ones he woos
in theaters (guilty) to the ones
he helps on factory farms. He was spotted saving the
latter recently by eating
vegan at Los Angeles’ Flore Vegan Cuisine

animals aren’t normally allowed to go to concert venues, Jay Sean invited them into his
living room. The rapper performed an online Stageit show from his home and
donated all the proceeds to PETA’s
“Angels for Animals” program
, which provides neglected,
chained dogs with doghouses, toys, and lightweight tie-outs.

a slightly larger screen, Bones is set to air another animal
rights–themed show. Vegan star Emily Deschanel says she loves hearing
from fans that the Bones episode on chicken farming made them stop eating
chickens, and now the Fox thriller is tackling the exotic-animal smuggling trade

Fran Drescher is hopping on the vegan
train as well, telling RadarOnline about some of her delicious recipes: “Lately,
I have been eating vegan and gluten-free, so I have been making delicious kale
soup and gluten-free pasta with sautéed arugula, garlic, olive oil and pesto. I
also like my recipe for white bean hummus, as well as a good simple field and
micro green salad with my special house dressing of olive oil, lemon, Dijon
mustard and salt and pepper. I like to add raw veggies to it, like peas, corn,
carrots, and zucchini.”

James Cameron is growing vegan. The director just purchased 2,500 acres of rural land
in New Zealand, and part of his property includes a former dairy farm. The
government is requiring Cameron to continue to farm on part of the land, and the
director, who grabbed a PETA Proggy Award for Avatarsaid that since he and his family are striving for a more plant-based diet, they will likely grow crops

is no stranger to awards, and neither is our friend Kate del Castillo, who snapped up several
of Telemundo’s nominations for its inaugural Premios Tu Mundo Awards.

Set design: Jack Guy|Hair and makeup: Eric Ferrell for Dion Peronneau Agency|Styling: Shiffy for Aim Artists

Other celebs were busy
representing animals in the Twitterverse this week:

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Article source: PETA Files

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