Tell MetroPCS to Stop Promoting Ringling’s Cruel Circus!

being informed about Ringling’s lengthy history of animal abuse and neglect,
MetroPCS continues to promote this notorious circus to its customers by
offering free circus tickets. Ringling was recently fined $270,000 by the U.S.
Department of Agriculture for dozens of violations of the federal Animal
Welfare Act—the highest penalty ever paid
by an animal exhibitor. According to former circus employees, Ringling trainers
routinely beat elephants and jab them with sharp, metal bullhooks in order to
force them to perform. Heartbreaking
reveal how Ringling circus trainers cruelly force baby elephants
to learn tricks by violently slamming them to the ground, gouging them with
bullhooks, and shocking them with electric prods. You can view undercover
footage of some of the abuse in a new video narrated by Alec Baldwin here.

Corporations are
distancing themselves from the negative publicity that surrounds Ringling.
Whole Foods, Visa, Mastercard, Denny’s, and many others have ended Ringling
promotions after learning about the abuse that takes place behind the scenes. Using the form below, please contact the
president and chief operating officer of MetroPCS and politely ask him to end
his company’s promotion of Ringling.


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Article source: PETA Action Alerts

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