Mac Harb
of Ontario is Canada’s first-ever elected official to introduce a bill to end the commercial seal
and now he is Canada’s first-ever elected official to receive a PETA award!
Sen. Harb graciously accepted his Humanitarian Award at a ceremony Saturday in
New York.

Photo: Kurt Leggard

He also wrote about the award and his
bill on The Huffington Post
, saying:

advocacy groups such as PETA have played an important role in moving us into
the future. When I introduced my bill, PETA rounded up support from prominent
Canadians as diverse as Sarah McLachlan and Pamela Anderson and from international
figures, including Pink, Bill Maher, and Ellen DeGeneres, all of whom—along
with their throngs of fans in Canada and around the world—contacted Canadian
senators urging them to support the bill and end the slaughter. As a result of
overwhelming support, my bill was seconded, and the Senate recently unanimously
consented to continuing this debate in the coming months. This is historic, and
every single person who has taken action has made a difference.

This is the closest that we have ever
come to ending the barbaric bludgeoning,
shooting, and skinning of baby seals
for their fur.

© Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

Help make Sen. Harb’s bill law. E-mail Canadian Prime Minister
Stephen Harper, Liberal Leader Bob Rae, and New Democratic Party Leader Thomas
Mulcair and ask for their support for Bill S-210.

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Article source: PETA Files

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