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The photos of a mother lion’s dramatic rescue of her tiny cub
might have you singing, “Can you feel the love tonight?”

These little piggies went to the state
fair … and now there are 165
new human cases of swine flu

You may have taken a tour of New York
City, but did you ever do it vegan style? If not, Vegan Tours can help you take a bite out of the big vegan apple.

If anyone wonders how primates feel
about being kept in zoos, this heartbreaking video of a clever monkey who tries to orchestrate his escape should make it crystal clear: They want out.

“KittyCams” show cats as they stalk and kill lizards, chipmunks, birds, frogs, snakes, and
other small animals. Protecting wildlife: another great reason to keep cats

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Rescuing their
animals, saying “No, thanks” to meat, and starring in ads for PETA: Here
are the Olympians who
always medal in compassion

Air France is maltreating
monkeys, profiting from shipping them to their deaths in laboratories. Tell the airline that contributing to primate torment n’est pas gentil.

Post this fun,
informative infographic on
vegan eating
to your social-networking sites, and watch
the “But where do you get your protein?” questions dwindle.

Photo: Jason Grow/|Hair and makeup: Lauren Genatossio for Team Artist Representative

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