'Free the Sharks' Week 2012

As the ocean’s most aggressive predators, sharks continue
to intrigue and frighten humans. Their undeserved reputation for killing humans
continues to grow in the media, but who’s really
killing whom? Approximately 73 million sharks a year are slaughtered for their teeth, jaws, and fins, simply for human
fascination. This fascination not only causes the unnecessary deaths of millions
of sharks, but also results in the unnatural imprisonment of sharks at SeaWorld. Celebrate Shark
Week by speaking up for these misunderstood animals.

Shark Finning: Coldblooded
Cruelty for Hot Soup

The Situation
Every day, fishers catch sharks, cut off their fins, and
throw the still-living sharks back into the ocean to bleed to death. This
happens to millions of sharks every year around the world, just so
that their fins can end up in a bowl of soup. Sharks are being pushed closer to
extinction—95 percent of many species’ populations have been killed since the 1970s.

In many places, including in the U.S., shark-finning is
illegal, but selling shark fins isn’t. In fact, a bowl of shark-fin soup can
sell for between $70 and $150. For some species, such as the whale
shark and basking shark, a single fin can fetch between $10,000 and $20,000.

How You Can Help Sharks
Stop the demand by going vegan! By going vegan, you could
save 100 animals per year from unnecessary pain and death. Sign the pledge stating that you’re going vegan and let everyone know that you love sharks by
tweeting one of the facts below.

SeaWorld: A Prison for Sharks

The Situation
Sharks are denied everything that is natural and
important to them at SeaWorld. In the wild, they swim
hundreds of miles a day, but at SeaWorld, they’re confined to tiny tanks in which all they can do is swim back and forth all day. 

In the wild, their athletic abilities are astounding. Great
white sharks can jump up to 10 feet in the air, but in captivity, they have no room for athletics.  They also don’t get to show their softer side. Some species of sharks, including
whale sharks, have big families. A whale shark was once found carrying 300 live
shark pups all at once!

How You Can Help Sharks
Do you want to help sharks and the other animals imprisoned at
SeaWorld? Visit SeaWorld
Of Hurt
to learn the truth about SeaWorld and help animals who are forced to live in tiny tanks, far away
from their ocean homes.

With all the pain and suffering that humans inflict on sharks, it’s only a matter of time before sharks seek revenge. Go vegan and save not only your own
life but a shark’s, too! 

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Article source: PETA Action Alerts

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