New York state man was shocked to see a tiny kitten drag himself into his yard
by his two front paws. The lower half of the kitten’s body was smashed and limp,
so he had likely been struck
by a car
and the driver had failed
to stop and check on him. There is no way to know how long the kitten had been
suffering, dragging his broken body.

man called local authorities, but they showed little interest in helping the
injured animal. Frustrated, he called PETA for help. We contacted local animal-control
officials, but because it was after hours, they told us they couldn’t send an
officer out until the next day. We persisted, stressing how badly injured the
kitten was and how imperative it was that he get immediate help. Animal control
relented, and within an hour of the man’s worried call, the kitten was
mercifully euthanized and freed from his agony.

one hour is all it takes to save an animal from immense suffering. It may
require persistence and patience, but you will prevail if you refuse to take “No”
for an answer. And if all else fails, call PETA. 

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Article source: PETA Files

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