you eager to help animals at every opportunity, but don’t always have the time?
Not anymore! Presenting PETA’s mobile apps: With these apps, you can stay in
the know about animal rights issues, take action on urgent alerts, and find out
which companies are cruelty-free.
Check out the apps that are a must-have
for any animal activist.

PETA Apps (Free!)
PETA iPhone and Android apps are your go-to mobile app for keeping up on news about animal
rights issues, taking lifesaving action from anywhere at any time on urgent
alerts, and donating to help animals. And they’re completely free! You can share
the issues that you’re most passionate about with your friends and earn points
and fun badges in the process. 

‘Be Nice to Bunnies’ App for iPhone ($2.99)
a quick and easy way to check if that lip balm or shampoo you’re buying is
cruelty-free? The “Be Nice to Bunnies” app has got you covered! This
searchable database helps you stay on top of which companies are, well, nice to
bunnies and other animals. 

“Circus Slam” App for iPhone ($0.99)
In Circus Slam!,
players take control of a guardian elephant spirit who soars above
the Earth searching for circus tents to swoop down on and smash to smithereens.
The goal is simple: free other animals from the bullhook beatings and lives spent
in chains that are common in the circus.

Other Must-Have Veg-Friendly Apps
our apps but still need animal-friendly resources on the go? The following are
some of our favorites:

Happy Cow ($2.99)
The geniuses at have taken their vegan and vegetarian restaurant guide mobile so that
you can always find the best veggie food!

21-Day Vegan Kickstart (Free!)
Just made the switch to
veganism? The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine has your back with
this guide that includes tips and recipes to help keep you on track.

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Article source: PETA Action Alerts

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