ELAN, the übertalented band out of Guadalajara,
Mexico, represents a unique voice in rock ‘n’ roll—and now they’re urging
everyone to speak up for animals. In both English- and Spanish-language
interviews with PETA, brother-and-sister band members Elán (lead singer) and
Jan Carlo DeFan (guitar) explain why animals deserve our consideration, how the
overpopulation crisis causes suffering, and the importance of speaking up for all animals who need help.

Every different culture has a different respect for
certain kinds of animals, but very rare cultures have respect for all
animals,” Jan Carlo explains. He adds that in touring around the world,
they’ve seen how an animal may be considered a companion in one country and
something less in another, “and it’s really, really unjust.” The main
takeaway? Be responsible and take care of animals because “they can’t
speak for themselves.

What You Can Do

Find your voice—never be silent when animals are in

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Article source: PETA Files

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