Dr. Drew Pinsky has spent nearly three decades curing patients in his internal medicine and
addiction practice and inspring others to seek treatment through his television
and radio programs, including Dr. DrewLoveline, Dr. Drew’s Lifechangers, and Celebrity Rehab. Now, Dr. Drew is using his influence as one of the most listened-to physicians
in America to help remedy the animal overpopulation crisis. In his new ad for PETA, he says that keeping animals from reproducing is a
snap: All it takes is a snip.

Every year, 6 to 8 million
abandoned, lost, or unwanted dogs and cats enter animal shelters. Half are
euthanized because there simply are not enough homes for them all. Animals who
aren’t fortunate enough to be taken to a shelter struggle to survive on the
streets and suffer from starvation, dehydration, diseases, parasites, or injuries
or are tortured by cruel people.

In his behind-the-scenes interview,
Dr. Drew noted, “I think it takes just a little bit of attention to be
responsible, and you can have a dramatic impact on this crisis.” Hear why
he thinks ending the animal homelessness crisis is everyone’s responsibility:


We sat down with Dr. Drew and asked him what he
thought about animal homelessness. Check out his answer in this video

Aside from always spaying and neutering,
here are more ways that anyone can help end the animal overpopulation crisis:

  • Always adopt from a shelter—never buy from a pet store or breeder.
  • Encourage friends and family who are considering
    adopting to think about the lifetime commitment that animals require so that
    the animal won’t end up back at the shelter.
  • Pledge to end animal homelessness today! 
  • Celebrate adopted animals with a special #AdoptDontBuy
    hashtag on Twitter. Follow @peta on Twitter and then tweet us why you love your rescued
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    Article source: PETA Action Alerts

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