visitors to South Carolina turned their vacation into an opportunity to
advocate for animals when they spotted two aquariums packed to the brim with slider turtles at a beach shop.

aquariums were full of water, and the turtles had only a small bit of rock and
cut-up pieces of a pool toy to climb onto to rest. Slider turtles can’t hold
their breath for long underwater, and the turtles were exhausted from being
forced to swim constantly and surface frequently in order to get air.
Reportedly, some of the animals had already died from their ordeal.

tourists called PETA, and we contacted a reputable law-enforcement agency in the area. The responding officer immediately
cited the store manager for cruelty to animals. The officer also ordered the
store to give the turtles more space, provide each tank with sufficient items for
the turtles to rest on, and closely monitor the quality of the water.

court, the officer and an equally diligent prosecutor made an excellent case
for cruelty charges, and the manager was convicted and slapped with the maximum
penalty—more than $1,000. The court also appointed a reptile specialist to
educate the manager on the proper
care of turtles
. PETA is pushing the
store to stop selling turtles altogether.

all happened because some tourists took a few minutes out of their vacation to
help animals. Never let an opportunity pass you by—never be silent

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Article source: PETA Files

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