the just-released Cambridge
Declaration on Consciousness
, a prominent group of scientists has declared that humans are not unique in ways
that matter. Animals are sentient beings. Stand on their toes or tentacles,
snatch their offspring from their arms or their arboreal nest, and they feel the
same way about it as would you or I. The question is how is this knowledge to
inform our behaviors?

of studies have already demonstrated animals’ logical, mathematical,
linguistic, and emotional intelligence. Octopuses carry coconut shells as portable
hiding places, and crows
use sticks
to dig in the ground for grubs. Fish’s mathematical abilities are on par with those of monkeys, dolphins, and bright young human children.

Elephants flirt with each other, cows shed tears, and monkeys have refused to pull a chain to
access their only source of food if doing so caused another monkey to suffer an
electric shock.

sarahemcc|cc by 2.0

are conscious beings, capable of understanding cause and effect relationships,
forming abstract thoughts, solving problems, using language, making tools,
exhibiting long-term memory, and showing empathy. But more importantly, animals
can comprehend when they are being abused and killed, and they feel anxiety,
fear, and pain, just as humans do.  

can only watch as other chickens
are slammed upside-down into shackles
and have their throats slit. Baby elephants cry out for their mothers, who are prevented from reaching them as they are beaten in order to make them perform
confusing and even painful circus tricks.

interesting that one of the definitions of the word “human” is
“sympathetic.” More and more people are beginning to show that they understand why that
is important. Please help them in that journey by doing all you can to remind
them of who animals are, i.e. our fellows.

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Article source: PETA Files

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