When people weren’t talking about Hurricane Isaac this week,
they were buzzing about the Republican National Convention. We’re never ones to
miss a chance to get animal issues into the spotlight, so PETA dispatched its
famous pigs to the Big
, where they’re calling for a federal excise tax on meat.

Why? Well, there are “sin taxes” on cigarettes,
alcohol, and gasoline. Why shouldn’t there be one on meat, which is as harmful
to our health as tobacco and alcohol are—and even more so to the environment? Putting a tax on meat would save countless lives—and not just those of animals.

What You Can Do

To keep meat from, well, taxing
the Earth, animals, and your body, go vegan. If you’re already lean and green, spread the word by getting your own “Tax Meat” swag.

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Article source: PETA Files

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