PETA has teamed up with St. Louis Vegans to put extra pressure
on St. Louis Children’s Hospital and Washington University in St.
(WUSTL) as part of PETA’s
to stop live cats from being tormented in painful and archaic medical training conducted cooperatively
by the institutions.

A Real Horror Show

As the hospital and university held a Pediatric Advanced
Life Support (PALS) course where trainees were forcing plastic tubes down cats’
windpipes as part of the crude intubation training exercise, the
groups acted out the cruel procedure
in a particularly unsettling—and unforgettable—form of street theater.

WUSTL and St. Louis Children’s Hospital continue to torment cats
in PALS courses even though sophisticated humanlike simulators are available and
the American Heart Association—which sponsors the course—states that it “does
not require or endorse the use of animals in PALS courses.”

Simulators are already used instead of animals at virtually
every institution that offers PALS, including other schools and medical centers in St. Louis.
Even one of the original developers of the course has joined the fight against
these crude laboratories. 

What You Can Do

Please join PETA and St. Louis Vegans in telling Washington
University and St. Louis Children’s Hospital that it’s time to leave the dark
ages—and cruelty to cats—in the past and use superior modern simulators instead.

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Article source: PETA Files

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