most of us are grilling veggie dogs in the park or sipping drinks by the pool
today, working animals won’t have it so easy:

pulling horse-drawn
today will tromp on
hard pavement all day long in the intense heat. They will breathe exhaust fumes
and will not have adequate food or water. Tonight, they will be crammed into a
tiny stall for a few hours until they are dragged out in the morning to start


Hens used by the egg industry are spending the day crammed
five deep into wire “battery cages” about the size of a file drawer.
Because they are packed so closely together, they will have to urinate and
defecate on each other.


Indian donkeys will struggle to pull
heavy carts that are overloaded with bricks and sugarcane. They will toil under
the blazing sun with little rest, food, or water. They may be beaten or whipped
to force them to keep going.



who are enslaved at marine parks
today will perform
meaningless tricks in front of crowds of screaming people in order to get food.
They will swim endless circles in a tank that is, for them, comparable to a
bathtub. The reverberations from their sonar will bounce off the walls, adding
to their frustration and anger.


dogs in puppy mills will likely spend Labor
Day in either a crude, filthy cage or chained to a tree. They will suffer from
painful medical conditions, such as ear infections, mange, and abscessed feet,
for which they will receive no veterinary care. They will either be pregnant
with or nursing yet another litter of puppies, who will be taken away from them
and sold.


Pregnant cows on dairy farms will be hooked up to
milking machines several times today. They may be suffering from a painful
udder inflammation called “mastitis,” likely brought on by the drugs
that increase their milk production. They may also be lame from being intensely
confined and being forced to stand amid their own waste.

This Labor Day, resolve to help the animals who
rarely have a day off. To learn
what the PETA-supported working animal relief organization Animal Rahat is
doing to help animals in India, visit AnimalRahat.com

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Article source: PETA Files

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