spent their days relegated to a carport, cast aside like old exercise
equipment. The two dogs were locked inside crates from early in the morning
until dusk without a chance to relieve themselves and no way to escape from the
blistering Southern summer heat. The Labrador mix did not even have room to
stand up.

neighbor who had to watch the dogs suffer had tried calling animal control for
help. And although officers went to the home and issued a warning, they refused to confiscate the dogs because the animals did not appear to be in immediate danger of dying from dehydration or heatstroke. Frustrated, the
neighbor called PETA for help.

called animal control every few days to file an animal welfare complaint
against the owner. Each time animal control paid a visit to the house, officers
issued the owner another warning. Realizing that he would either have to allow
his dogs indoors or continually deal with animal control, the owner surrendered
both dogs to the local shelter.

took a lot of persistence, but now both dogs have a
chance to find a new home with a guardian who understands that dogs belong indoors
with the rest of the family.

has a wealth of information on how crating is detrimental to dogs, which you can share with
anyone you know who is considering using these cruel cages (for even a short length of

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Article source: PETA Files

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