immediately agreed to help fly Ben across the country for free. His safety and comfort were essential, and PETA
made sure that he
traveled in climate-controlled transport trucks to and from the airport and was
accompanied by a transport team—veterinary expert Mel Richardson, Ed Stewart
from PAWS Sanctuary, and PETA attorney Carney Anne Chester—throughout the trip.
The flight crew cheerfully dubbed their mission “Bear Force One.”

Ben explored his vast new, spacious habitat for the first time, he pawed
at and smelled the ground—likely the first time he had ever felt grass beneath his
paws. Within minutes, he was already bathing and splashing in his own pool, ridding
his body of grime for the first time in years. That night, he slept soundly on
a comfortable bed of fresh hay and natural foliage.

August 27, the court ruled in Ben’s favor, and thanks to the judge and all
those who worked hard to make it happen, the sanctuary is now his permanent
home. Ben will continue to bask in the sun, roll in the grass, splash in the
water, and act on his natural instincts to forage, explore, and hibernate in a
2-acre habitat designed especially for him. For the first time, Ben will
finally get to live like a bear.

Ben’s rescue would not have been possible without the support of caring PETA supporters like you! Please help us save more animals by supporting PETA’s Investigations Rescue Fund today.

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