The dog (and cat) days of summer are coming to a close, but
for PETA’s Mobile Clinics
, the season started out busy and just got, well, hotter, as PETA’s clinics kept on truckin’, bringing
low-cost to no-cost spay
and neuter
surgeries and other veterinary services to animals across PETA’s home region.

In August, the mobile clinics spayed or neutered 952
animals, including 128 feral
and 61 pit bulls. Here are some of the lucky dogs and cats helped by PETA’s clinic teams this


Sadie was homeless—and very pregnant—when she was found and taken in by this
nice family. After her puppies were born, PETA transferred them to a shelter
for adoption and spayed Sadie so that she won’t contribute to the
overpopulation crisis again.


After PETA’s caseworkers encountered Zoe while out working in the field, they
not only arranged to have her spayed but also provided her with round-trip transportation
to and from the clinic.


PETA also transported Sugar and Sage to their appointment with the mobile clinic
because their guardians’ car wasn’t working—but not before the entire family
posed for a picture!

What You Can Do

Although summer’s over, PETA’s efforts to stop animal homelessness will continue year-round—your donation will help keep all our lifesaving work moving forward!

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Article source: PETA Files

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