you know folks who eat turkey breasts? What about terrier breasts?

new billboard that PETA is working to place near public schools in Ottawa;
Winnipeg, Manitoba; and Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, asks children to consider why
they call one animal “family” and another “dinner”:

Turkey: © Steidl | Dog: © Isselee

dogs, turkeys are highly curious and
love to scout out new sights and smells. And like dogs, turkeys are highly
social animals who enjoy the company of humans and even like to have their feathers stroked. They are also devoted
parents, and in nature, chicks stay with their mothers for a full year.

on factory farms, turkeys spend nearly their entire lives crammed into
stinking, windowless sheds. The only human touch they experience is when
workers chop off parts of
their beaks and toes and the males’ snoods
without any pain
relief. Turkey eggs are hatched in an incubator, and the chicks never see their
mothers. They are less than a year old when they are shipped to the slaughterhouse, where workers slam
their legs into shackles and drag them through a “stunning tank” that
immobilizes but doesn’t kill them and a blade slits their throats.

Thanksgiving approaches, please repost the image of this poignant billboard and
ask your friends this: If you wouldn’t pay someone to torment and kill your dog,
why pay people to torment and kill a turkey?

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Article source: PETA Files

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