has pushed hard over the years to reduce the sum total of suffering in the
meat, dairy, and egg businesses, because to reduce suffering makes a whale of a
difference if you are a pig or chicken on a factory farm, and we’ve stopped
protests outside, say, Burger King or McDonald’s, when they’ve agreed to
reforms that made animals suffer less. But we’ve never asked people to eat meat
from Burger King or McDonald’s. We also hold that if someone is going to eat a
chicken, for instance, then yes, it would be better for them to pay extra for
one who had a marginally less hideous life than one who suffered more so that
the “farmer” could save money. However, there’s a world of
difference between those positions and recommending that people eat meat
from local, organic, “humane” farms. We don’t think there are any
such places, although we are prepared to stand corrected if anyone knows of a
non-factory farm where the animals do not have their tails docked and their
ears notched; are not castrated without anesthesia, debeaked, declawed,
crowded, and kept solely indoors; are not sent to a feedlot; are allowed to
have relationships with others; never have their young taken away from them;
and are instantly dispatched without the trauma of capture or transportation
and without seeing it coming. 

don’t want “sustainable” animal agriculture. We want it
abolished. Farm Bureau, write that down in indelible ink. 

being unethical, we believe it is a massive strategic mistake for anyone to
suggest that it is somehow acceptable to buy the flesh, skin, hide, or
anything stolen from an animal or to exploit animals because we fancy doing
so. We have pushed for vegan living since our inception in 1980—not just
vegan eating, but a whole vegan lifestyle. Our motto has always been
“Animals are not ours to eat, wear, experiment on, use for entertainment,
or abuse in any other way,” and with stars, athletes, doctors, business
leaders, a former president, and countless others now touting vegan living,
this is certainly the time as never before to promote vegan living, not
to run from it to some fallback position that approves of the denial that
animals have emotions and culture and needs just as we do.

as long as we can’t find homes for all the animals who are being destroyed or
hoarded for lack of one, we believe there is no such being as a
“responsible breeder,” and as long as there are any food options
in the world, we do not believe there is such a pursuit as “responsible
hunting” unless you are a genuine Aboriginal.  Please join us in
promoting vegan living in everything you say and do. Thank you.

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Article source: PETA Files

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