Anne Hathaway purposefully schedule her
wedding just
before World Farm Animals
? It’s possible, since
the committed animal advocate celebrated her nuptials with a vegan feast. To
commemorate both World Farm Animals Day and Anne’s big day, PETA is sponsoring
a steer named Peter, who resides at The Cow Sanctuary in New Jersey, in Anne’s name.


was just a calf when PETA
investigated the filthy Pennsylvania dairy factory farm
that he was living on. Cows on dairy farms must be repeatedly
impregnated in order for them to produce milk, and their female calves are
sentenced to the same fate as their mothers. But dairy farmers consider male
calves to be useless byproducts and typically sell them for veal. That would
likely have been Peter’s fate, but after our investigation, we got cruelty
charges brought against the farm and were able to purchase Peter and another
male calf, Jerry, and send them to the serene Cow Sanctuary.

calves were in terrible shape. Peter had pinkeye and ringworm and was infested
with lice. After being confined to a pen in which he was drowning in urine and
feces, his legs were so weak that he couldn’t stand.

took a lot of veterinary care and a lot more love, but Peter recovered and blossomed into an outgoing,
confident cow. From the beginning, he
looked out for Jerry, who was left disabled from the calves’ ordeal. Peter is
very affectionate, and he eagerly awaits his daily chin scratches.

better day than World Farm Animals Day to recognize Anne Hathaway, a woman whose
kind diet spares countless animals and inspires others to follow in her

also the perfect day to protest cruelty on factory farms by going vegan. Order
your free vegetarian/vegan starter kit here

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Article source: PETA Files

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