One thing wasn’t up for debate last
night—PETA’s “elephant” turned almost as many heads at the presidential
as the motorcades did.

Barack Obama
read the elephant’s sign and responded with a wave. Mitt Romney likely got the message, too, as he passed by twice. Fox News pundit Juan
Williams took our circus
and read over it. And Rudy Giuliani and Tom Brokaw checked us out. In addition,
many of the 5,000 members of the media who were there wanted to interview us
and take the elephant’s picture.

While our elephant’s species might seem
to suggest that she belongs to the GOP, the only party she’s concerned with is
the one she’ll throw when circuses are no longer allowed to imprison and beat elephants. Help make it a reality for her—go only to circuses that don’t use animals.

PETA is dedicated
to stopping the abuse of animals and promoting healthy vegan eating.
We take no position in support of or opposition to any
political party or candidate for public office.

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Article source: PETA Files

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