When a woman contacted PETA with information about trucks
jammed full of birds routinely driving through her area, she added that two
chickens had fallen off a truck that morning. She had taken them home with her,
where she gave them food, water, and bedding.


One of the injured birds had died, and the other was unable
to stand. PETA’s Cruelty Investigations Division urged the woman to take the
surviving bird to a nearby veterinarian right away. The doctor found that the
chicken was suffering from two broken legs and was so profoundly overweight
(like many chickens raised
for meat
) that even if he were able to heal her legs, she would never be able to bear
weight on them or have a decent quality of life. He recommended that the
anguished hen be euthanized right away—a far gentler end than she would have faced
in the pandemonium at the slaughterhouse.

What You Can Do

If you see any animal in trouble, please don’t turn away—provide
help, even if the kindest option is a humane release from suffering. You can
also save lives by going
: Every penny spent on meat,
milk, or eggs funds the institutionalized torture of countless animals like
these two chickens.

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Article source: PETA Files

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