every Morrissey show is darkly
entertaining, every Ringling
show, with its
behind-the-scenes elephant beatings, is just plain dark. So when Moz played
Boston right as Ringling was rolling into town, he gave his bandmates PETA’s “Ringling Beats
Animals” tees
to wear and gave
Ringling the big middle drumstick:

© FilmMagic

knows that true great shows don’t involve beating crippled elephants with sharp
metal-tipped bullhooks to force them to act
out confusing tricks. PETA just released a new video showing a Ringling trainer striking an elephant,
who is already showing
signs of arthritis, because she wasn’t performing exactly as she was told to.

and his band choose to perform—elephants don’t. Tell Ringling that until it
stops beating elephants, it can beat it, with your own “Ringling Beats Animals” tee

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Article source: PETA Files

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