Have you ever thought about the similarities between you and
a shark? What about a goldfish? At first glance, it’s easy to miss the similarities
for all the apparent differences. But if you look beyond the scales and the
ability to breathe underwater, you’re
just like a fish!

1. Humans have fishy features!  Can you see the similarities? The
way your face developed is shockingly similar
to that of a fish.
 Your eyes started out on the sides of your head, and your top lip, jaw, and palate
began as gill-like structures on your neck.          

2.  Do you have a green thumb? So do fish! Damselfish were found tending to
and harvesting algae gardens before it was considered cool. 

Derek Keats l cc by 2.0

3. Like
you, the humphead wrasse can tell time. One such fish
named Bentley understood the length of time that he spent waiting for a

4. This shark is your distant cousin! Some
450 million years ago, sharks and humans shared a common ancestor. I can see
the resemblance, actually.

5.  Just like humans, fish can feel pain—and they also learn to avoid it. 

6.  You’re not the
only one who can rock a Mohawk. This fish’s Mohawk is sure to make a splash at the next Phish concert. 

7.  Do you remember what you did yesterday? Goldfish can remember things for up to five months. Eleven months after Australian
crimson-spotted rainbowfish learned how to escape from their tanks, they could
still remember how they did it. And some fish can remember events up to 40 years ago in human time!  

8.  Fish use forks just as you do! OK, not really. But
they do use
 to crack open clam shells. 

9. Fish love dogs just as much as you do! 

Now that you know that fish are just like you, will you still eat them? Sign the pledge to go vegan and respect fish for the intelligent and interesting animals they are. Check out our fabulous faux-fish recipes and share on Facebook and Twitter so that all your friends will know that fish are just like them!

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Article source: PETA Action Alerts

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