Wrongdoers, watch out—wearing animals’ skins and fur is a
total (and literal)
rip-off, but PETA, as always, is on the case! October has been declared Crime Prevention Month by the National Crime Prevention Council, and we’re glad to do our part here at
The PETA Files—after all, it’s the least any animal advocate could do for a
group whose symbol is a

What happens to animals who are killed for their skins may
not be illegal in many places (yet), but it’s a flagrant violation of their
rights. Confined to cages, caught in steel-jaw traps, subjected to cruel abuses,
nailed to trees, suffocated, electrocuted, gassed, poisoned, bludgeoned, hanged,
and often skinned alive—together, it’s a crime against common decency.

PETA (and Pals) on

So PETA’s walking the beat and throwing the book at
offenders. The fabulous PETA “fashion police”—gotta love a cop in pleather!—hit the city streets to hand out tickets for leathery larceny and felony
fur-flaunting. They’ve even braved that most hostile of precincts, New York
Fashion Week, where they issued
a citation
to the cruelest of all fur hags, Vogue‘s
Anna Wintour, proving that they never miss the meaner misdemeanors.

Some of PETA’s famous friends are taking on crime-busting
duties, too. Pink
and Ricky Gervais use their voices to call out the skin trade for what it really is—theft—in PETA’s attention-getting “Stolen
for Fashion” video
, while Tim Gunn reminds everyone that these
aren’t victimless crimes
. Then there’s the
animals’ own wonder woman, Pamela
, who gets the message across that “cruelty doesn’t fly” (with a little
help from Steve-O, Andy Dick,
and Carol Leifer) as only she can:

What You Can Do

Keep on the straight and narrow—sign PETA’s pledge that you’ll shed everyone’s skin but your own!

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Article source: PETA Files

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