The University of Wisconsin–Madison (UW)
should be cited for violating the Animal Welfare Act. That’s the verdict of the
veterinarian who oversaw the treatment of Double Trouble and other cats who were subjected to
cruel brain experiments at UW
. Attending
veterinarian Dr. Richard “Jim”
Brown agrees with PETA’s allegations that laboratory staff failed to give
cats proper anesthesia during surgery, failed to effectively address cats’ chronic head wound infections, and allowed other
serious health problems to go untreated—all of which, Brown wrote, “expos[ed] the animals to unnecessary pain.” He explains how the intentional starving
of the cats by experimenters in order to force them to cooperate caused severe
weight loss and may have compromised their immune systems so that they couldn’t
stave off infection.

Vet to USDA: Reopen the Case

Now, Dr. Brown has
written to the Inspector General of the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) expressing
his disappointment that the agency did not cite UW after PETA filed an
extensive complaint based on internal UW documents. He is also urging the
agency to reopen its investigation.

I saw this research
firsthand. Many of these cats suffered unnecessarily, and I made my concerns
known to the principal investigator, colleagues and the UW-School of Medicine
and Public Health [animal experimentation oversight committee] at the time. … I’m confident a second,
focused review of the surgical records by [the USDA] would show the same
concerns the veterinary staff observed during my time at Wisconsin, and during
my later review of these medical records.

‘I Quit!’

You may
recall that Brown resigned in
2010 after his concerns about the welfare of the animals were not properly addressed
by UW faculty and staff. But even though he is no longer employed by the
university, he is still speaking up for animals used in UW’s laboratories and demanding
justice for the cats who were victims of the school’s alleged negligence and

What You Can Do

PETA and Dr. Brown work to hold UW accountable, you can help ensure that no
more cats suffer like Double
did by asking the National Institutes of Health to cut its funding for UW’s
cruel brain experiments.

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Article source: PETA Files

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