Update: Midnight has
been adopted! Her gloomy past behind her, this free-spirited gal has now been renamed
Indie. Her new family reports that she is relishing the safe, comfortable
indoor life and that she acts like she has known her canine sister, River, who
is also a PETA rescue, for years. Indie has discovered catnip, and she is so
photogenic that her new family has started an all-Indie scrapbook. If you are interested
in adopting a PETA rescue, e-mail us at Adopt@peta.org.

Originally posted September 20:

Midnight the cat had been trapped in a
tree for 10 terrifying days. Her owners couldn’t be bothered to lift a finger
to help her. She had likely been frightened up the tree and didn’t know how to
get back down, which should have been apparent after the first few hours. A
concerned construction worker reported the stranded, distressed cat to PETA.

Seeing as the people responsible for her
seemed not to care one bit, one of our Community Animal Project fieldworkers climbed about 35 feet up the tree, secured Midnight in her arms,
and made the slow, careful descent. After 10 days without food or water, Midnight
was lucky to be alive and was shaken and severely dehydrated, but once on the
ground, the grateful cat began to purr. Her owners never allowed Midnight inside and had no plans to do so now, even after her brush with death, but they agreed
to allow the fieldworker to find her a new home where she would be safe indoors.

Now Midnight is settling in at PETA’s
Norfolk, Virginia, headquarters and is waiting patiently for the right adoptive
family. She will be microchipped and spayed before adoption. If you are ready to make a lifetime commitment and give Midnight the safe,
loving home that every cat deserves, please e-mail Adopt@peta.org.

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Article source: PETA Files

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