As one of the stars of the CW’s new
superhero hit, Arrow, Annie Ilonzeh knows a thing or two about good vs. evil. And she’s being super to elephants by
letting everyone know exactly which side circuses fall on:

[Elephants] are super-emotional creatures, and to have that calf stripped
of their mom by humans and abused is the most painful thing to see. And I feel
like if the public were a lot more knowledgeable about the way that they were
being trained, where it’s not on a rewards system, it’s on a punishment system,
then circuses would not exist—and they should not exist.

Check out the exclusive video that Annie
shot for PETA to learn more about the two animals who captured her heart as
well as why she thinks everyone should be heroic to elephants by boycotting the circus

Catch Annie on Arrow Wednesdays on the CW to get your superhero fix, and join her
in protesting cruelty to animals used by circuses

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Article source: PETA Files

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