Marco Antonio Regil, who grew up in Mexico, says that food has always been a big part of his culture.
Like most people, he didn’t give much thought to what he was putting into his
body or where it came from. That’s until a few years ago, when he learned about
the health implications
of eating meat and dairy products
 and decided to adopt a plant-based diet. Since going vegan, Marco feels that
his own health has improved drastically. “I feel younger,” he says. “I
go on and on, taping for hours and hours, and I still have my energy.”

Studies have shown that a well-balanced
plant-based diet supports a lifetime of good health and offers protection
against numerous diseases, including four of the biggest killers: heart
disease, cancer, strokes, and diabetes. But the health benefits were only one
of the reasons why the man known as Mexico’s number one TV personality and
current host of MundoFox’s
Un Minuto para Ganar
 has decided to spread the word about his vegan diet. In an exclusive PETA
interview, Marco discusses how empathy for animals first inspired him to go
vegan. “Can you imagine the terror that a live being should feel when … they’re
seeing other animals being slaughtered, when they can smell the blood, when
they can smell death?” he says. “It just completely breaks my heart.”

seeing PETA’s “Glass Walls” documentary, Marco learned more about the
cruelty involved in the meat and dairy industries. To expose these truths and
bring this message to the Latino community, he joined with PETA to narrate a
Spanish version of the must-see video, which was originally narrated by Paul McCartney.

Join Marco and sign the
pledge to be vegan. You can also request your free
vegetarian/vegan starter kit
. Visit PETA Latino on
 to find out more ways that you can help animals—and don’t forget to check out
Marco’s Spanish narration of “Glass Walls”:


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Article source: PETA Action Alerts

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