The photograph is shocking. Dead monkeys,
piled high in garbage cans. If an ordinary picture is worth a thousand words,
this one screams them in horror. Even so, everyone should see it because it
deserves to become the image that immediately springs to mind when thinking
about primates in laboratories and the airlines responsible for transporting
them to their deaths.

A Waste of Lives

The photo comes from a new investigation by the British Union for
the Abolition of Vivisection
 (BUAV) documenting how Noveprim—a company
owned in large part by Covance—has been killing off monkeys simply because they are not the size that
experimenters desire. Noveprim abducts wild monkeys from their homes on the
tiny island of Mauritius for breeding and sale to laboratories in the U.K. and
the U.S.

The sight of the lifeless monkeys discarded like crumpled
paper speaks volumes about the experimentation industry’s absolute disregard for animals’ lives. The monkeys were reportedly healthy, so at a minimum, Noveprim could have had
the decency to release them back into the wild—but decency would likely be a
hindrance to snatching and trafficking living beings.

Rationalizations Are
the Real Rubbish

 is reported to be the only airline still shipping primates to laboratories from
Mauritius. Earlier this year, PETA was successful in stopping one such shipment, and this new investigation underscores why Air France should ground these
flights permanently.

What You Can Do

Please join PETA in urging Air France and other airlines that still ship monkeys who have been ripped from their homes to laboratories
where they will be tormented and killed to wash their hands of the whole
dirty—and deadly—business.

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Article source: PETA Files

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