Mitt Romney may have lost the
election, but that doesn’t mean he’ll be eating crow. After hearing that the
Republican runner-up was seen dining on a vegetarian breakfast burrito on the campaign
trail and that the Romney family takeout order before the final presidential
debate included two veggie
 from a Florida BurgerFi restaurant,
PETA is sending the Romney family a basket of vegan goodies. 

 Turns out the most reliable
polls were those showing an increase in the number of people eating vegetarian and
vegan foods,” says PETA President Ingrid E. Newkirk.


you’re commiserating with Romney, celebrating President Barack Obama’s victory,
or just thankful for the end of all those obnoxious campaign ads, you might
want to surf on over to,
which is
offering up some patriotic recipes that are as American as baseball and debates
over which candidate had the best “Gangnam Style” viral video. You can sample Barackoli Obama Casserole,
Mittloaf Romney, Joe Apple Pieden, and Paul Fryan Potatoes
. All the recipes
are 100 percent vegan—no shellacking of donkeys, elephants, or lame ducks

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Article source: PETA Files

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