a PETA investigation, Lucy, Peggy, and more than 200 other rabbits were rescued
from filthy, cruel conditions at a Maryland hoarding facility. Follow these
sweet souls as they go home, feel grass beneath their feet, and hop around.

Peggy and Lucy were among
the more than 250 rabbits kept in cramped, stacked cages inside Bunny Magic Wildlife Rabbit Rescue, Inc., in Lusby, Maryland.
Bunny Magic—really a hoarding facility—masqueraded as a “no-kill

In 2012, after receiving a
wonderful whistleblower’s tip, PETA found that Bunny Magic consisted of little more than a
garage, which reeked of ammonia, and a dark, filthy shed. Rabbits are
fastidiously clean, yet Peggy, Lucy, and the rest were kept in up to 4 inches
of their own droppings and urine.

The rabbits received
scant attention, and their nails became overgrown and curled dangerously back
toward their sensitive foot pads. The hoarder’s rabbits were denied needed
veterinary and nursing care. One rabbit, Rockette, suffered from a severely
twisted neck and would struggle to stand up, usually falling back down. She was
left helpless, lying in her own waste—until she finally died.

Another rabbit, George, had
a months-long respiratory infection that filled his throat with pus. He was
rescued but could not be saved. A veterinarian recommended that George be put
out of his misery. Some rabbits had
abscesses, or pockets of pus. One rabbit had mucus and debris stuck to her nose
and was in too much pain to bear any weight on her foot.

The hoarder’s freezer was crammed full of rabbits who had died.

Based on PETA’s
evidence, a warrant was obtained to seize the rabbits, and on August 8, law
enforcement officers pulled up to the house and took the rabbits out. The owner
of Bunny Magic was convicted
of cruelty to animals

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Article source: PETA Action Alerts

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