Nearly 700 animal lovers teamed together this year and ran a race for animals. Together, the PETA Pack team trained and fundraised for three months and raised a grand total of $125,000 for PETA’s Investigations Rescue Fund.

Thousands of spectators watched PETA Pack runners cross the finish line with expressions of pure joy on their faces, wearing their PETA Pack T-shirts and holding a PETA banner high.

Congratulations to the entire team for this record-breaking accomplishment. Your fundraising efforts, dedication, sweat, and sore muscles will bring hope and care to animals in need. Everyone at PETA is cheering for you!

The PETA Pack 2012 season is coming to a close, but I encourage everyone interested in running a race for animals to pledge to join the 2013 team.

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Article source: PETA Action Alerts

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