After the latest in a long, sad parade of attacks on humans by frustrated
captive animals
, PETA is submitting a complaint to the federal Occupational Safety and Health
Administration (OSHA) asking for an investigation and, if appropriate,
citations. Benjamin Cloutier, 24, died after being mauled by two captive-bred grizzly bears in their enclosure at Animals of Montana, owned by Troy Hyde, which provides wild animals for photo shoots and film and television

Humans, Wildlife,
Cages, and Neglect: A Formula for Disaster

Direct contact between humans and wild animals kept in captivity
is a known safety risk, as reflected in the string of prominent incidents
involving captive animals, including bears, chimpanzees, elephants, and orcas, in recent years. Just two years ago, another 24-year-old man died after being attacked by a bear owned by Sam

Hyde previously
had his Animal Welfare Act exhibitor’s license suspended for two years after
illegally trafficking in endangered tigers in violation of the Endangered Species Act, and now he appears to have violated the Occupational Safety
and Health Act, which requires that Hyde furnish employees, like Cloutier, with
a work environment free from recognized hazards. Cloutier’s death could have
been prevented if Hyde had employed the industry-standard “protected
contact” system, which uses barriers and temporary holding cages to
prevent direct physical encounters between bears and caretakers, effectively
eliminating the likelihood of employee injury or death. Instead, with no such
system in place, Cloutier endured violent trauma and died from massive blood

What You Can Do

 Like humans, other animals are autonomous beings with their own needs and desires, not props for our amusement. Never by a ticket to films that feature captive
wild animals. And if you have witnessed cruelty or neglect behind the scenes at
a film or television production, an ad shoot, a live-animal attraction, or a training
facility, please let PETA

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Article source: PETA Files

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