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article was written by Liam Cronin.

love attending sporting events. It’s an experience that no television can
replicate, no matter how high its definition is. I love the passion, the fans,
the tournaments, the oh-my-gosh-if-it-goes-in-we-win moments, and being there
when the final buzzer sounds. One thing I don’t love, though, is seeing animals used for entertainment. It’s cruel and
completely unnecessary.

you are like me and love traveling
to see sporting events in person
, then you have many options
around the globe. For every cruel “sport,” there are five better
alternatives. Here are five sports to go see instead!

Instead of Dogsled
Racing …

main dogsled
race is the Iditarod, a
grueling event that forces dogs to run 125 miles each day for nine to 14 days
straight. Dogs die after getting tangled in harnesses or trampled by moose or suffering
from any number of illnesses or injuries as a result of being forced to push their
bodies beyond their natural limits.


high-octane speeds? A test of endurance? A dedicated team working toward a
singular goal? NASCAR’s three-cup series can satisfy your need for speed and teamwork!
Besides being one of the great team sports (drivers literally put their lives
in the hands of their pit crews), NASCAR racing offers lots of vegan food options at venues all over the

Instead of
Hunting …

quote the brilliant Pamela Anderson, “Men
hunt because they have something wrong with their own equipment and they need
something else to shoot.” Besides being a dead giveaway for
insecure omnivores, hunting
is a cruel and barbaric practice

Go See Paintball!

of watching humans kill or maim animals, go watch humans give each other welts!
Paintball is an exciting (and hilarious) option. Go see the paintball championships in Las
 or find a local
facility and suit up yourself (you should wear padding).

Instead of
Cockfighting …

Cockfighting is illegal in the United States,
but this inane practice still happens inside U.S. borders and across the globe.
Like the animals used in dogfighting and bullfighting, roosters
used for cockfighting are bred for aggression through abuse, neglect, and other
cruel “training” methods, such as strapping weights to their legs,
“practice fights,” and physical mutilation.

Go See a Boxing

look! A battle of strength and strategy with two willing participants! Boxing is still the king of pay-per-view TV,
and with variations such as the Ultimate Fighting Championship growing in
popularity, there’s almost always a boxing or mixed martial arts event
to attend.

Instead of the
Running of the Bulls …

arcane event that for some reason still happens, the Running of the Bulls is an
example of severe cruelty. Bred for aggression then released alone, confused,
and terrified onto the streets of Spain, bulls are eventually led to the bullfighting ring, where they are tortured
and killed by matadors (which, translated literally, means

Go See a Track-and-Field

just for college competitions, track and field shows us the gamut of human
abilities. Better yet, no one is killed at the end. Track and field is truly a
global sport, with world championships, the Olympics, and various marathons occurring around the

Instead of Polo

Polo engages in
the unfeeling practices
prominent in the horseracing world
. Horses and ponies are
whipped, “used up,” and then euthanized or sent off to slaughter.
Some, such as the pony that
Prince Harry rode in a charity polo event
, die either on the field
or immediately after leaving it.

Go See Water

players came up with the novel idea of doing the work themselves, not forcing
horses and ponies to do it for them! Water polo is one of the most demanding
sports around, and the participants play for keeps. If you missed the U.S.
national team and their compassionate cat saving captain, Tony Azevedo, at this summer’s Olympics, go support the players at one of their events or witness the
enthralling college
water-polo championships

to book a getaway to one of these events or other great cruelty-free sporting
events? Check out
to get started!

you a die-hard sports fan? What sport would you travel across the world to see?
Share with us in the comment section below.

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Article source: PETA Action Alerts

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