The day after Thanksgiving is Black Friday, when the holiday
gift-shopping season really gets underway. But for animal rights advocates
nationwide, it’s Fur-Free Friday, also an occasion to hit the stores—to urge consumers not to buy into the cruelty
of the skins trade.

Yes, “skins.” Even on Fur-Free Friday, it’s
important to remember that fur isn’t the only material used
for clothing
 that results from the suffering of animals. Like fur, leather, for instance, comes from animals who are raised on crowded farms and killed using cruel
methods—some are even skinned while they’re still alive. Whether it comes from
a snake or a sable, a cow or a chinchilla, it’s all skin—and we, not they, can
live without it.

PETA hopes that everyone heading out to (or returning from) a Fur-Free
Friday demonstration
 will be able to answer the question, “Whose skin am I in?” with the reply, “Only my own!”

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Article source: PETA Files

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